Lexi kidnaps Nicola’s baby!

Lexi is left holding Angelica after a nurse brings her back from some tests when Nicola is in the shower. Lexi’s heart breaks as she cradles the newborn and she heads out to look for Nicola. Lexi gets caught up in the moment and wanders into the stairwell. Scarlett spots Lexi and goes back to the ward and tells an oblivious Nicola and Jimmy that Lexi has the baby. Nicola and Jimmy rush up the stairs and find Lexi on the hospital roof with Angelica…

Debbie has been playing hard to get with Michael, but can’t resist when he brings over a bottle of bubbly and she passionately kisses him. Cain interrupts their fun and Debbie and Michael arrange to meet again later that week. Debbie assures her dad it’s casual, but Cain warns her to be careful.

Eli is under pressure from Marlon to pay his rent and he asks Jake for his share of the winnings. Jake lies that he hasn’t cashed it yet and instead guiltily confesses to Lizzie. Marlon and Lizzie are angry, but Eli reminds Lizzie she’s the biggest con artist of them all.

Also, Aaron is embarrassed when Hannah asks him if he fancies Holly; the Bartons are amused by Hannah’s crush on Andy.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Nicola pleads with Lexi to give her baby back. Lexi instead demands that Carl tell her why he’s happy to coo over Angelica, but won’t have a baby with his own wife. Carl can’t give Lexi a straight answer. Nicola continues to plead with Lexi to give Angelica back, but Lexi lays into Carl and tells Nicola this is the only way she can get his attention.

Lexi begs Carl to let her try for another baby. Everyone is in agreement that Carl needs to give her an answer, but he continues to evade her pleas. Jimmy urges Carl to either give Lexi some hope or put her straight and Carl finally looks her in the eye and tells her he won’t have a child with her.

Lexi is stunned by Carl’s blunt words and takes a wobbly step back holding Angelica. Carl confesses that he doesn’t love her and he never has. Lexi is gutted to be faced with a truth she’s been trying to hide from. Nicola and Jimmy are terrified that Lexi will jump with the baby, but Lexi comes to her senses and gives the baby back.

Also, in the midst of the drama Jimmy and Nicola decide to get married.

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