Lexi lashes out at Nicola

Nicola overhears Carl telling Jimmy not to release the trust fund money to Scarlett to pay for Lexi’s IVF and she tells Carl if he doesn’t tell Lexi the truth then she will. Carl feels forced to confess to a devastated Lexi that he doesn’t want a baby and she throws him out.

Nicola finds a sobbing Lexi and lets slip that she made Carl confess. Lexi accuses Nicola of trying to break up her marriage and lashes out and Nicola accidentally falls down the stairs. Carl walks in to find a panicking Lexi and an unconscious Nicola.

Lily gives away her worldly possessions as she prepares to hit the road with Eddy. Eddy realises how upset she is about leaving without Edna’s approval and he tells Edna that she’s being unchristian. Lily is upset when Edna fails to turn up to wave her off with the rest of the villagers but she’s delighted when Edna arrives to say farewell.

Val is the subject of gossip when Betty speculates whether she’s had an affair, while Diane finds it increasingly difficult to work with her sister. Marlon suggests they draw up a rota to ensure Val and Diane no longer have to work together for the sake of the customers.

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