Lexi makes plans to have a baby

Lexi tells Scarlett that IVF is her only chance of having kids and Scarlett encourages her to go for it. Lexi broaches the subject with Carl, but she senses a problem when he hesitates. Lexi wrongly assumes that Carl is worried that they are setting themselves up for failure and she tries to convince him they can do it together.

Natasha goes to the flat to check that Faye’s really gone when her keys arrive in the post. Natasha and Mark are relieved to find the flat empty but it’s clear that it will be a long time before their marriage is on the mend. Mark is gutted when Natasha reveals that she’s going away for a while to clear her head.

Pollard is furtive when the liquidation officer arrives with the papers to sign and he learns that closing down the factory will net him £10,000. Pollard breaks the news to the factory workers that it will close with immediate effect. Val is furious with her husband when she finds out from the factory girls that the factory has closed down for good. Val goes to confront Pollard, but she cools her anger when she sees how beat up about it he is.