Lexi reveals a shocking secret

Lexi gets out of control when she confronts Debbie about the missing stolen necklace, after recruiting Eli to back her up. Lexi punches Debbie as the brawl spills out into the road and the necklace slips down a drain but Carrie is furious with Lexi’s behaviour. Lexi has a furious row with Carrie, who is stunned when Lexi reveals that she knows the big family secret – that Carrie is her mum, not her sister!

Zak feels terrible for Belle, who is trying to put on a brave face after learning that she no longer has funding to go to her school. Zak realises that Belle is secretly devastated and he decides to do one last bare knuckle fight to win the money to pay her fees. Zak talks Lisa into it and signs up to fight Michael O’Shea.

Victoria is pleased to finally have a morsel of her dad’s attention when Jack slacks off his farming duties to help her with a school project on family trees. But when Daz needs to visit Billy in prison, Jack is forced to take him. A defiant Victoria returns to smoking, but Jack is too preoccupied to notice.