Lexi sends Nicola into early labour

Carl, Lexi and Rodney wait anxiously in the hospital for news about Nicola. A guilty Lexi tries to apologise to Nicola when she comes round but only enrages Nicola further and sends her into an early labour. Lexi is horrified and when Carl makes it clear she will be at fault if Nicola loses her baby she walks out and Carl does nothing to stop her.

Jimmy rushes to Nicola’s side and Nicola is given drugs to halt her labour. Carl apologises for Lexi’s behaviour but Jimmy angrily tells Carl that shares the blame and he needs to decide whether he wants to stay with Lexi or not before he destroys her life and everyone else’s.

Pollard gets back from the doctors with good news after being told that his blood pressure was lower than expected. Val collars Pollard to ask him about the appointment but he cuts her off and makes it clear he’s not ready to forgive her. Val is devastated and she feels even more alone when Diane insists that she wants nothing to do with her either.

Also, Gennie decides to move in with Katie and Leyla; Terry gets his loan to buy out Louise as agreed as Brenda hides her money problem.

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