Carrie is stunned when Lexi tells her that she wants the money to walk out of her life and she tries to talk her round. Lexi stands her ground and Carrie refuses to give her the money, and a worried Lexi tells Lee she needs more time. But he threatens to hurt Scarlett.

Lexi steals one of the Kings’ goods trucks, but Carl is in the back checking stock and is knocked out when she screeches off. Lexi parks and arranges to meet Lee. Meanwhile, Carl comes round and a shocked Lexi is forced to explain everything. Lee turns up with a baseball bat, but Carl sees him off. Matthew reports Lexi for stealing the truck and she’s hauled away by the police. Scarlett is stunned when she overhears Carrie telling the police that Lexi is her ‘daughter’…

Daz feels bad about Samson getting hold of the vodka, but Penny refuses to apologise. Sam overhears her calling him a ‘weirdo’. Lisa is worried when she discovers what has gone on. Sam gets a visit from a social worker and he tells Daz to leave the house.

Also, Terry takes in Viv’s rabbit Buffy when Heath develops an allergy; Louise writes a heartfelt letter to Jamie.