Lexi tells Carl her bad news

Lexi confesses to Nicola that she can’t have kids. Nicola is stunned when she realises that Lexi still hasn’t told Carl. Lexi comes clean to her husband, but she’s even more upset when Carl seems unmoved and leaves Scarlett to comfort her. Carl heads off to find Jimmy, who advises him to admit his true feelings to his wife.

Natasha and Mark confront Faye and tell her to leave the area, but Faye is defiant. Natasha threatens to have Faye arrested for her part in Mark’s disappearance and Mark agrees he’d be willing to go to jail to get her out of the way. Natasha offers Faye a huge amount of money and suggests it would keep Ryan out of the army. Faye feels trapped and finally agrees to take the bribe and leave.

Pollard gets planning permission for a funeral parlour. Lisa is fearful when she realises that Pollard’s interiors business may fold and they’ll all be out of a job. Pollard is thoughtful when David points out that his new scheme could jeopardise both his health and his finances. Pollard tells the factory staff that he’s abandoned the funeral parlour idea, but then makes a secret call about having the business liquidated.