Lexi vows to leave

Carrie is stunned that Lexi knows her big secret and Lexi admits that their mum told her before she died. Carrie explains that she was only 14 when she got pregnant with Lexi and she couldn’t cope with being a mother. Carrie admits that she can never think of her as a daughter and a hurt Lexi vows to leave the village.

Scarlett discovers that Lexi is leaving after an argument with Carrie and, upset, she runs away. Daz suspects that Scarlett may be at Seth’s Hide and sure enough he finds her there. Daz brings Scarlett dinner when she refuses to come home and Scarlett impulsively kisses him. Daz reminds her he has a girlfriend, but he still feels chuffed!

Zak trains for the big fight with O’Shea and Terry is amused at his efforts. But when Zak explains why he needs to win the cash, Terry suggests that he get Duke on board. Zak asks Duke to help with his training and the ex-boxer is happy to oblige.

Also, Kelly worries about Jimmy spending time with Carrie.