Lexi warns Chas not to ruin her wedding

Paddy watches Chas and Carl with a sense of unease ahead of the stag and hen nights. That evening the stags and hens realise that The Woolpack has been double-booked for both celebrations and the men are forced to make other arrangements. Lexi is pleased to have the chance to kiss Carl for the last time as a single woman.

Carl takes the stags back to Mill Cottage. Paddy questions Carl about his feelings for Lexi and Carl’s lukewarm response makes him feel even more uneasy. Over at the hen do, Lexi taunts Chas and accuses her of feeling jealous. Chas denies she has any feelings for Carl, but Lexi warns her not to sabotage the wedding.

Natasha interviews Leyla for the Home Farm job, but it’s soon clear that she doesn’t have the right experience. Faye turns up for the interview and Mark is horrified when he spots her being welcomed into his home. Natasha is pleased to have found a like-minded soul and she and Nathan agree to give Faye the marketing job. Mark secretly finds Faye’s contact details, intending to confront her.

Also, Bob and Brenda prepare for the sale of Bob’s businesses with a heavy heart.

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