What exactly has Leyla been saying to Jacob while she had him all to herself in Leeds? That’s what Alicia wants to know, but Jacob won’t tell her. The little lad does open up to Andy, though, who reports back to Alicia. It turns out that while Leyla had Jacob she was giving him a taste of what life would be like for him with her as his mother. Alicia’s furious when she hears this and shops Leyla to David, who’s also angry. He’s so angry that he tells Leyla she has to choose: him or Jacob.

Rhona’s made it quite clear to Paddy that Leo comes first in their house, which means angry Aaron has to go. After all, who knows how Aaron might lash out as he struggles with his grief and guilt? And Rhona’s not prepared to risk Leo’s safety…

It’s Sandy who’s not safe when he babysits Samson, Gabby and Arthur. The silly old goat falls asleep on the job and Ashley is furious when he gets home and finds Sandy – and the kids – covered in green paint.

*Second episode*

David has made it clear to Leyla that she has to decide whether her future is with him and without Jacob or without him and maybe with Jacob. It’s a painful decision to have to make and one that doesn’t come easily to Leyla.

Paddy has some choices to make, too. He has to put Rhona and Leo first at home but does not like to see Aaron move out. Trouble is, Rhona does not like to see Paddy spending a lot of his time with Chas while he tries to help Aaron. So what is the vexed vet to do? He tries to talk to Aaron but he can’t get through to him. Aaron is riddled with guilt and on the road to self-destruction and it seems no one can get him to change course.

Debbie is riddled with worry as Sarah’s appointment with a doctor looms. Just what is causing the bruises on Sarah’s body? Debbie tries to carry on as normal, but she desperately wants to know what’s wrong with her little girl.