When Leyla turns up at the factory to negotiate a wedding package with Laurel, she enjoys some surreptitious flirting with her secret lover, Jai. It’s a bit risky especially with Jai’s girlfriend Megan not two feet away! Megan, however, doesn’t clock a thing. These two are certainly playing with fire, especially in a small village like Emmerdale? How long before someone catches them in the act?

After kissing Donna, Marlon confides in his best mate Paddy, who tells him that he’s in deep and heading for trouble. And when Donna finds out that Paddy knows about the kiss, she fears she’s put Marlon and Laurel’s relationship in jeopardy.

Moira’s annoyed after Cain failed to turn up for a meal she cooked for him, and seriously irked when she hears he’s been with Charity. So, determined to find out what’s going on, Moira does some digging and comes to the conclusion that her husband has rekindled his romance with his ex!