Leyla celebrates Jacob’s homecoming (VIDEO)

As Jacob returns to Emmerdale, Leyla throws a party to celebrate the occasion…

As her son Jacob returns home, Leyla’s over the moon and invites the Barton family round to celebrate. But the excited mum ends up offending Emma.

Having learned her husband doesn’t want to move away with her, Joanie makes it clear to Zak it’s over, insisting they will not remain friends. With her marriage trashed, the gran comes to a decision about her future…

Having been given a flashy watch by Lawrence, Ronnie’s a bit embarrassed by it, much to Lawrence’s shame. Later, Chrissie overhears her dad’s boyfriend doing a deal on the phone. What’s he up to?

At the Kings, the plot thickens as Jimmy tries to work out who gave his wife a necklace. When Bernice and Dan deny having bought the anonymous gift for Nicola, Jimmy’s left worried.


Watch this clip from the episode.