Leyla drops another bombshell

That Leyla’s full of surprises. Her latest is that Justin is Jacob’s real father. What?!? So that means she slept with Justin… when he was already with Alicia. This latest skeleton falls out of Leyla’s closet with an almighty crash as Justin and Alicia argue over whose fault it is that Jacob has run away. Furious with Alicia for keeping Jacob from him Justin snaps and says he has more right to the boy than she has because he’s his natural father. That’s news to Alicia – and to David… Oh, Leyla, what have you done?

Declan’s full of surprises, too. Turns out he’s Hazel’s secret Santa. Hazel finds him at Dale Head, checking up on the builders. He says he’s just keeping an eye on his property, but she guesses that it’s his money that’s paying for the work that will turn his house into a home that Jackson can live in. And she’s not wrong.

Rhona’s also got a surprise for Paddy and Marlon. Something Hazel says to her makes her realise that she can’t terminate her pregnancy. She gets Paddy and Marlon together and tells them she wants to keep the baby. Merry Christmas, Marlon – you’re going to be a daddy.

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