Just when it seems that Leyla is reaching some sort of peace with her feelings about her mum’s death her brother-in-law Justin shows up. Having barred him from the funeral, Leyla lets David join her on the journey to scatter her mother’s ashes and even opens up a bit, sharing happy memories of her mum. Back at the shop, though, her peace is shattered when Justin walks in, saying he wants to make sure she’s OK. When David asks who Justin is, she says he’s a sales rep. Why would she lie?

There’s trouble brewing elsewhere, too. Paddy’s enjoying Rhona’s company a little too much and is upset when she says no to Marlon’s idea of them all going out together. At Smithy, Aaron’s not enjoying Hazel’s company at all and Jackson moves her into the B&B. Andy wants to enjoy Adele’s company, but resorts to spying on her when she won’t go out with him – and Katie sees him.

It’s not all bad, though. Brenda has a smile on her face when Terry wheels out his new venture: he’s bought a car and he’s starting up a driving business. Very brave of him with the recession and all.

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