Leyla proposes to her (cheating) boyfriend Pete! (VIDEO)

Leyla gets swept up in wedding fever and pops the question to Pete, still unaware he's slept with her best friend Priya

When a wedding is cancelled at the last-minute, Tracy suggests Leyla and Pete should take advantage of the opportunity and tie the knot themselves seeing as it’s all been paid for. Pete is stunned when Leyla gets down on one knee and proposes! But feeling guilty about cheating on her with her best friend Leyla, will he accept?

Later, Pete discusses the shock proposal with Priya. But as they talk about how guilty they feel about their night of passion, they have no idea Nell is listening in and has heard every word! Jai urges Nell to contact social services about her daughter, Rosie.

Watch this clip from the episode:

At Home Farm, Chrissie gets dolled up for her date with ‘Tim’ yet tells Lawrence she’s meeting up with a female client.