One minute Alicia’s telling Leyla to keep her distance from Jacob, the next she’s letting her take the boy to TJ’s birthday party. And she very quickly regrets it. Jacob has a nut allergy (half the villagers are nuts, it’s a wonder the lad’s not being drip-fed antihistamines) and Alicia tells Leyla to watch what he eats. So she watches him eat a piece of cake and then go into anaphylactic shock. Leyla has an EpiPen to treat Jacob, then Alicia rushes him to hospital. Jacob gets the all-clear, but angry Alicia points out to Leyla that she clearly has no idea how to care for a child.

Natasha’s not likely to win Mother of the Year. And Maisie enjoys telling Natasha and Nathan that she’s living with the enemy: Faye. Neither she nor Faye is happy, though, when Cain says Ryan’s asked him to be their bodyguard. They don’t want his protection, they want him to testify in court. Cain reacts so badly to the law, though, they’d need an EpiPen for him, too!

Jai might need protection after Zak catches him poking around Pollard’s factory. Jai’s hatching a new business and Zak smells a way to make money – illegally, of course.

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