*Second episode*

Leyla defies Priya’s wishes and tells Alicia her concerns about the pregnant barmaid’s eating disorder. Though Priya has threatened her newfound friend to stay quiet, Leyla just can’t stand by and watch Priya put herself and her baby in danger. Though Priya reckons she’s not harming her unborn child, it’s clear she knows she’s in trouble as later she battles with herself to eat. As unaware Jai comforts his sister, will she open up to him? And will father-to-be David be able to stay calm about it when Alicia fills him in?

Dan is in a quandary when he hears James pulling strings to make sure he gets Moira alone. Having engineered an overnight business trip, James craftily tells Adam he can’t come. Will loyal Dan tell his boss Cain what the farmer is up to?

Already unhappy at sharing a third of the Home Farm business with Charity, to make matters worse, Megan is sure Declan and his new girlfriend are hiding something from her. If only she knew!