Leyla’s begging you, Nathan – please!

Unable to face Nathan, Leyla calls in sick at work. But he turns up at her home and says that as she slept with him he wonders if she really loves David. Then David appears and wants to know why Nathan’s there. Nathan plays the concerned employer and leaves – but he’s not finished with Leyla. Later, when she gives him back the pearl necklace and begs him to leave her and David alone, the nasty little rich boy makes it clear he’s not prepared to forget their night together…

Faye is in a much more forgiving mood when Mark tells her he didn’t sleep with Natasha on their romantic night away. Of course, he’s lying but all Faye sees are the flowers he’s bought her. Ryan sees the bouquet, too and wonders if they’re from Mark but Faye says they’re a gift from a secret admirer. So now Ryan’s really curious! Natasha should be, too, when Mark tells her that whatever happens he loves her. Will the truth dawn on her?

Someone who is all too aware of his marital problems is Marlon. He gets some post from estranged wife Donna and it’s not a love letter. What does she want?

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