Doug and Pollard have their routine day livened up by Leyla’s sister, Alicia, who marches into the shop with young Jacob and tells Leyla she’s wrecked her marriage. Terrified – and rightly so – of what else Alicia might say, Leyla moves the family dispute next door. It gets very nasty; that Alicia has got a mouth on her and Leyla ends up slapping her face. Oooooh, not a good move. Full of hate, Alicia spits out Leyla’s secret. Oh boy, has she got some explaining to do to David…

Aaron’s got something to tell Moira. He spots Holly in Hotten and discovers she’s working in a bar. She’s not in good shape, though and she’s not happy to see Aaron, refusing to talk about how she’s let her family down. Aaron tells Moira where she can find her daughter – but Moira has to decide if she wants to see her.

The gloves are off between Declan and nasty Nathan and it’s Declan who’s landing all the blows, this time by giving Nicola Nathan’s job and making sure Nathan is suitably humiliated. Hear that clucking sound, Nathan? It’s the chickens coming home to roost.

*Second episode*

Has Leyla got ‘Blackmail me – I’m easy’ written on her somewhere that we can’t see? Nasty Nathan made her life hell when he got her drunk, poured her into his bed then threatened to tell David unless she did as he asked. Now Alicia is using emotional blackmail to get Leyla to give her and Jacob a roof over their heads. That’s easily done while David’s away, but when he gets back he’s going to notice two more people in his home and start asking questions.

Moira’s got questions she wants Holly to answer and heads off to the bar that she works in. Moira wants to know if Holly’s ashamed of herself, but it’s clear that Holly’s having a good time. Furious, Moira drags Holly out of the bar and into her car. They’re going for a drive, she tells her druggie daughter. And you can be sure it’s not for a nice day out.

One person who isn’t going for a drive is Pearl. Paddy pushes Aaron to give Pearl a refund and take his dodgy motor back, which he does. But Aaron’s little money-making scheme is starting to cause a lot of trouble – and there’s worse to come.

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