So, there’s Leyla and Alicia, sipping their coffee in the middle of the road, as you do in Emmerdale, and having a tense conversation about Alicia’s plans to emigrate to Spain and, more to the point, her plans to take Jacob with her. Alicia knows right enough that Leyla doesn’t like the idea, but Jacob does and Alicia is determined to push on with her plan with or without Leyla’s support.

Charity finds she is without Chas’s support when she tries to give Diane the runaround at work – again. First she turns up late and then thinks her first item of business is to have a coffee with Chas out the back. Wrong! Chas and Diane put her to work, but Charity thinks she’s too good to do the dishes, which prompts Chas and Diane to decide she’s not good enough for their pub and they sack her. That’s bad news for Jai and Nikhil, as Charity demands a management role in their sweet business.

Recovering junkie Holly’s job on the production line at the toffee factory starts badly when she’s late on her first day. It seems there was a delay at the methadone clinic. Well, at least they won’t have heard that excuse before!