Liam and Bianca prepare to leave Summer Bay

Liam and Bianca prepare to leave Summer Bay but Heath is concerned that he’ll not get to see his child once it’s born, even though Bianca promises she won’t shut him out. After she says her goodbyes to April, Liam drives them off to a new life, but he suddenly realises that running away won’t solve their problems. He understands that Bianca doesn’t want to leave and stops the car, telling his wife that their marriage is over.

Gina discovers Jett’s mother is suffering from an illness and can’t control the young tearaway, so the headmistress promises to keep a close eye on him. Meanwhile, Jett takes VJ’s lunch and bullies him into providing free food from the Diner.

And Lottie decides that Harvey has to stop running away from her brother’s death and finally makes her father open up, sharing their memories of Ben. Harvey, regretting his treatment of Roo, asks for her forgiveness and opens up to her.