Joanne reaches the end of her tether with Kelly and she lets slip that she’s been sleeping with Liam! Kelly is furious that Joanne has stolen ‘her’ man and they have a huge row. Kelly tells Paul that unless he sacks Joanne, she’s going to leave the factory. Paul gives Joanne her marching orders and Liam feels stuck in the middle now that his relationship with Joanne is out in the open.

Tracy is turning to booze to salve her guilty conscience, but she’s also set her sights on Steve. She invites Steve to Amy’s birthday party and a concerned Blanche warns Tracy not to play with Steve’s feelings and ruin his life like she did Charlie’s.

Fiz struggles to find the cash to feed and clothe Chesney and she’s angry that Cilla is keeping all the child benefit for herself. Fiz confronts Cilla and demands to have a share of the cash, but Cilla realises that she can use the money as leverage to get Chesney round to the house.