Liam and Maria plan a romantic break

Liam and Maria excitedly look for hotels in the Lake District for their mini-break and settle upon a lovely country retreat. Liam decides to romantically whisk Maria away that very night for their holiday and Carla is clearly jealous when she finds out about their trip. As the loved-up couple set off, Liam promises Maria that not a word will be said about Carla for the rest of their holiday.

Liz and Vernon prepare for their honeymoon in Nashville. Meanwhile, Steve tells Jim that he’s gone too far after his fight with Vernon and Jim realises that it’s time he leave Weatherfield and he says his goodbyes. Lloyd turns up to take Liz and Vernon to the airport, but disaster strikes when the cabby lets slip that the wedding ceremony was originally called off. A devastated Vernon can’t believe what he’s hearing. He tells Liz that their wedding is a sham and he refuses to go on the honeymoon!

Fiz is still feeling gutted about John’s betrayal and she is depressed. The factory girl is touched when Chesney tries to comfort her and promises that he’ll always be there for her to cheer her up.

Also, Tyrone and Kirk try to cheer up Jason, who is lost without Sarah.