Liam breaks up with Nicole

Nicole is worried about her first exam. When she runs into Liam, he convinces her that cramming doesn’t work. But the next morning, Nicole sleeps in and is late for the exam. She vents to Aden; she can’t believe she listened to Liam. He finds Liam and gets stuck into him for leading Nicole astray. Liam then breaks up with Nicole until after the HSC, to allow her to focus on her studies.

Miles is thrown by Kirsty’s breakdown over the baby and isn’t sure what to do. Leah too is still feeling guilty over the food poisoning, and responsible for causing the miscarriage. Miles is cold with her. But later, when Rachel tells Miles that Kirsty had listeria and consequently, the loss of the baby wasn’t Leah’s fault, he apologises to her, leaving Leah immensely relieved.

Romeo discovers that Annie might be going to Japan and confronts her, wanting to know if she is. But she’s not sure, and a miscommunication leads Annie to believe he doesn’t care. When Miles tells Jai to still go on the trip he changes his mind about giving up his place, just as Annie arrives to tell Jai she wants it. Romeo sees her disappointment, and helps to open up another place on the trip. The two share a sweet goodbye, with him promising that he’ll be there waiting for her when she returns.

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