Maria is still in a mood with Liam for turning down her advances and Liam has spent the night on the sofa and Audrey warns her not to turn her hubby into a baby-making machine. Meanwhile, Carla is having her wedding dress fitting and when Liam arrives pretending to be after Tony he is blown away by her. He makes his excuses and leaves, but when Michelle and the dressmaker have left he returns to the flat and he and Carla fall into each other’s arms…

Becky is arrested in connection with a series of incidents on Monday night and she’s terrified when she discovers that the policeman heading the case is one of her old adversaries DC Hooch. Becky is anxious to get one over on Hooch as well as getting herself off the hook and lies that she has a cast-iron alibi. She tells Hooch that she’s having an affair with a married man, Steve McDonald, and she was with him all night!

Janice is released on bail and gets stick from the factory girls. Meanwhile, Sally and Kevin are stunned when a postcard from Rosie drops on the doormat…

Also, Nina warns Dev to stay clear of Tara.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam and Carla can’t fight their feelings for each other any longer and head for the bedroom. Meanwhile, back at the Rovers, Tony’s suspicions are aroused when Michelle tells him that Carla looks stunning in her wedding dress and lets slip that Liam was round there. Tony heads straight for the flat to try and catch them at it, but luckily they get themselves together just in time.

Steve is stunned when Becky blackmails him, telling him if he doesn’t agree to be her alibi Michelle will get to know everything about their fling. Faced with no option he tells DC Hooch that Becky could not have done the things she is accused of as she was with him all night.

Sally tells the police that she had a postcard from Rosie with a Holyhead postmark and they agree to liaise with Holyhead police and circulate Rosie’s details. Sally thinks more could be done and determines to go to Wales to search for her herself. Meanwhile, Dan has worked out that Leanne’s money is fraudulent following Janice’s arrest and he is disgusted with her and tells her that they are finished.

Also, Tina has had enough of Teresa and walks out of her job at the kebab shop.