Liam causes pre-wedding havoc

Bianca and Liam excitedly prepare for their wedding. But the day before the nuptials, the media gets hold of the story and a paparazzo shows up. Liam sees red and goes for the camera. He is arrested for property damage.

Romeo is in a quandary after witnessing Dennis moving something suspicious from the Resort site. Could it really have been a dead body? He asks Indi for some guidance on what he should do.

Indi thinks the best thing to do is just ignore it and focus on his job. But when Alf then discovers a dead body in the caravan park, Romeo realises he has no choice but to tell the police what he saw.

Xavier plucks up the courage to tell Dex that he likes Sasha. Xavier’s still not sure how she feels about him and after a series of awkward encounters, Xavier is left even more confused about where he stands.