Mark is floored by the revelation that Gypsy slept with Liam. He flips out and confronts Liam at Angelo’s. It’s a fiery exchange that’s witnessed by a distinctly unimpressed Bianca. Gypsy is forced to question what she wants and decides to break up with Mark.

Irene, exhausted and in need of peace and quiet following another round of chemo, decides it’s time Gypsy and Lily left the Bay and went home. After saying goodbye to Liam, Gypsy leaves some parting advice for Bianca – Liam isn’t over her.

April is studying hard for her exams and is annoyed that Dex seems to be breezing through. At the hospital, during Irene’s chemo session, April meets a student who quietly suggests there’s a drug that could help her study.

April goes to Heath for the drug but he quickly says no. He’s not about to sell drugs to Bianca’s sister. In an act of desperation, April pretends to be interested in spending quality time with Dex in order to steal Sid’s prescription pad.

Roo is trying to avoid Harvey. She’s wary after half the town warned her off him. But when he shows up with yet another bouquet of flowers, she agrees to have coffee with him.