Michelle is anxious about Ryan’s safety she is reluctant to let him out of the house. Liam offers to chaperone the teen to and from school and a grateful Michelle take him up on the offer. When Liam goes to pick Ryan up he spies the stalker and pounces on him, demanding to know what he’s up to. Liam is gobsmacked when the man claims to be Ryan’s father…

Sarah tries to make Gail feel guilty for throwing her out of the house just before Christmas but as Sarah and David continue to bicker, Gail is certain she’s done the right thing. Meanwhile, Audrey arrives back from the airport with her Canadian son Stephen, who is spending Christmas with the family. Gail is miffed when Stephen finds out about David’s problems and suggests that David needs a firmer hand.

Jim is pleased when Steve offers him a job at Streetcars as he’s hopeful that it will help get him out of the hostel. Steve is happy to have helped out his dad but he warns Jim that he must stay away from Liz, and Jim assures Steve that he won’t cause any trouble.

Also, Liam is angry when Carla tells the factory girls that Maria is pregnant.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam struggles to take in what he’s just heard and the stalker takes the opportunity to do a runner. Liam returns to the pub with Ryan and tells Michelle about the confrontation but he waits until Ryan is out of earshot to tell her that the man claimed to be Ryan’s dad. Michelle is baffled by the claim and forced to defend herself when Steve asks if she was unfaithful to Dean.

Steve plucks up the courage to tell Liz that he’s given Jim a job at Streetcars to help him back on his feet. Liz is horrified and she storms into the cab office and warns Jim not to interfere in her life. Liz’s fears are partially set to rest when Jim solemnly promises to keep out of her way and genuinely wishes her well with Vernon.

Gail prepares a family dinner in honour of Stephen’s visit and David is impressed by his successful uncle. When Stephen reveals that he has offices in Europe, David makes an effort to get his uncle on side by telling him that he’s determined to mend his ways.

Also, Jack lies for Paul to protect Vera from heartache by telling her that he lent Paul the money to invest in the Italian restaurant.