Liam finally discovers the truth

Audrey is stunned after discovering the pictures in Maria’s bag and, heart in mouth, she asks Maria to explain what is going on. When Maria stares at the picture of her son’s tiny feet she breaks down and confesses to Audrey that her little boy was stillborn. Audrey’s shock is nothing compared to Liam’s when a midwife turns up at the house looking for Maria to check she is OK after her trauma. A numb Liam tries to take in the news before making the decision to go and get some answers from Maria.

Marcus is still struggling with Maria’s secret but his spirits are lifted by the early return of Sean. Sean’s protestations that he just wanted to come home don’t ring true and it isn’t long before Marcus discovers the real reason Sean has caught an early flight home – Lauren dumped him to do her own things and won’t be returning.

Fiz is concerned about Chesney, who seems withdrawn and quiet. A phone call from Les does little to lift his spirits when he discovers he is not coming back for at least a year.

Also, David waits for Tina to arrive but cellmate Graeme taunts him that she won’t turn up.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam is stunned when Maria spills the whole story and he can’t believe she didn’t tell him that the baby had died and went through the birth without him. Liam demands some answers and Maria blurts out that she thought he would leave her if he knew the baby had died. Maria refuses to talk about the funeral and they start arguing. Maria begs Liam to tell her he loves her, but he can’t bring himself to say the words.

Ashley is unsure about Claire’s idea to move into a smaller house to save money. Claire sees Sally in the pub and tells her their plans. Sally is intrigued and admits that while the Peacocks want to downsize, she would like a bigger house. The two women realise they can solve their problems and stay in Coronation Street by swapping houses.

David is delighted when Tina turns up for her visit. The two are nervous with each other and he is still unsure of why she has come to see him. David is hopeful that Tina wants to give their relationship another go.

Also, Fiz and Julie fuss over a withdrawn Chesney but neither can find out what is wrong with him.