Liam sees Carla getting out of Tony’s car after having spent the night with him and he confronts Carla for her stupidity. Carla insists that Lindsey is Tony’s ex and it’s her business who she dates. Meanwhile, a nervous Maria arranges to meet Liam to confess that she’s pregnant and she worries that he may split up with her. Liam is shell-shocked when Maria tells him about the baby and she suggests that she may consider an abortion.

Steve gets a call from his dad Jim who reveals the shock news that he’s due out of prison tomorrow! Steve agrees to pick Jim up from prison but he decides that it’s best to keep the news from mum Liz. Steve worries about breaking the news to Jim that Liz is about to marry Vernon as he suspects that his dad will react badly.

Violet is already tiring of Lauren’s flighty ways and she reminds her that she needs to get a job. Violet softens and lends Lauren some cash and Lauren notices the wad of money from Sean. Violet lies to Jamie that Lauren has lent them the money for a deposit after Lauren agrees to keep her secret for her.