Liam is attacked!

Charlie meets up with Liam and asks him to testify against Heath on drugs charges. Liam is caught off guard but he agrees to think about it. Mick and the River Boys see them talking and make their presence known. Liam is upset that Bianca tipped off Charlie that Heath used to deal drugs to him. Mick threatens Bianca. Liam decides to testify anyway but after Mick sees Liam talking to Charlie again, Liam is beaten up.

Charlie tells Brax that Ruby knows they are seeing each other. Brax knows that this could have big consequences for both of them if their secret gets out. The couple decide to cool things for a while just until it all blows over.

Meanwhile, Mama Braxton, Cheryl, is on the rampage. She’s furious with Charlie for arresting Heath and is convinced Charlie’s framing her son just to break up her family. Cheryl has had enough of the Buckton family and she bans a disappointed Casey from seeing Ruby again.

Ruby tells a stunned Casey that Brax and Charlie are secretly seeing each other. Casey is suspicious that Brax may have tipped off Charlie about the drugs raid and asks Brax if he was responsible for Heath’s arrest.