Liam gets the cold shoulder from Nicole, but when she hears he might be falling off the wagon, she feels bad. Aden confesses to Irene that he kissed Nicole, but is worried that he’s hurt her. Liam finds drugs left by Poppie and throws them in the bin. Nicole admits that she shouldn’t be taking out her anger with Liam on Aden. Miles advises her to take it slow.

Aden tells Geoff he has real feelings for Nicole. Aden and Nicole kiss and make up, which Liam sees. He retrieves the drugs from the bin and takes them. Then he calls an ambulance to have his stomach pumped.

Xavier doesn’t know what to do with the money Hugo left him. He tries to give 5,000 dollars to the refugees’ appeal, but messes that up and the money ends up in Leah’s picnic basket. He tries to take it back, but is busted by the police. It ends up back at the house and Xavier thinks the money is cursed. A surprise guest arrives: Romeo’s sister, Mink.

Ruby and Geoff are collecting donations. They run into John and Ruby makes a big show, designed to embarrass him. John threatens to call a lawyer if Ruby continues the harassment.