Liam kisses Carla!

Liam is irritated by the fact that Carla is spending time with Tony and when she rolls in late to the factory, he accuses her of spending the night in his bed! Carla is offended by Liam’s cheek and she tells him that although he’s made a wrong assumption, she won’t be staying faithful to her cheating late hubby’s memory. Liam silences Carla with a passionate kiss…

Tyrone is still in the doghouse with Jack and Vera, especially after his accusations that Paul took the money and not him. Tyrone is fuming when Paul confesses to him that he did take the money and challenges him to prove it. Tyrone realises that he can’t beat the wily Paul.

Becky is left in charge of Roy�s Rolls after Roy and Hayley decide to take a break to talk through their problems and she takes it upon herself to confront Christian at the record shop about his treatment of Hayley. Christian is stunned when Becky lays into him and he admits that he’s sorry if he’s hurt Hayley, but he can’t bring himself to reconcile with his ‘dad’.

Also, Sarah tells David not to talk to her in the salon.

*Second episode*

Carla responds to Liam’s kiss, but when she pulls away she’s stunned by what has just happened. Carla tells Liam that she doesn’t have any feelings for him and she warns him never to try it on again. Liam later tries to talk to Carla about what happened but they awkwardly agree that it was a mistake. Liam miserably asks Carla if she intends to continue seeing Tony but he acts cool when she makes it clear that she will.

Sarah can’t stand having to work with David in the salon and she finally snaps and tells Audrey that she�s leaving and she won�t be back until David is gone. Audrey faces a tough decision about which of her grandchildren to keep on.

Tyrone is annoyed when Molly lets slip to Jack and Vera that Paul confessed to taking the money, as he�s sure that the couple won’t believe that it’s true. Molly is fuming when she confronts Paul in front of the Duckies and he says that he’ll ‘confess’ to taking the cash to have a quiet life!

Also, Ashley is angry when Claire asks her mum to babysit the boys instead of him.