Liam makes a decision

Liam disappears for a while after Bianca breaks the news to him that the baby is not his. When he returns he agrees to bring up the baby as his own, as long as nobody knows the truth – especially Heath. Unfortunately, April isn’t happy with the plan…

Ruby receives a payout from Charlie’s life insurance and is too upset to compete in the surf competition. Romeo is about to chase after her when Indi shows up unexpectedly to cheer her husband on.

After dancing the night away with Harvey at Irene’s birthday party, Roo is disappointed to discover he’s still seeing Fleur and tells him she has a date of her own with Dale the chippie. But Harvey sees through her lie, forcing Roo to ask Dale out on a real date.

Liam accuses Eddie of taking advantage of Irene’s recording session… and Brax is knocked out when Angelo’s is robbed.