Liam spies on Tony’s house again but he’s caught out by Lindsey, who demands to know what he’s up to. Lindsey starts a bitter rant about Tony’s obsessive behaviour and Liam returns to the street and triumphantly tells Carla that Tony is a rat. Carla is furious with Liam’s interfering and warns him to concentrate on his own relationship as she’s off limits. Carla has pushed all the right buttons with Liam, who storms off in a temper and in retaliation he heads straight over to the salon to propose to a stunned Maria!

Liz is on tenterhooks about having Jim around but she’s determined that her wedding will go ahead as planned. Jim reveals that he wants to stick around for a while to spend time with Steve and his granddaughter Amy and both Liz and Vernon are unsettled.

Two new bookies, Harry (Bad Girls’ Jack Ellis) and Dan (The Bill’s Matthew Crompton) arrive on the street and Dan immediately starts chasing up bad debts. Dan turns up at the cab office and reveals that Lloyd owes the bookies £400. A cheeky Lloyd tells Dan that he’s never heard of ‘Lloyd Mullaney’ and tells him to try elsewhere!

*second episode* 8.30pm

Maria is stunned by Liam’s surprise proposal and declaration that he wants them to keep the baby. Liam pleads his case and Maria accepts. Meanwhile, Carla is in a mood after her row with Liam and she turns down Tony’s offer of a night out. Carla confronts Liam to sort out their argument but she is stunned when Liam reveals that he’s engaged. Carla calls Tony and tells him she’s up for a night out after all.

David is eager to cause more trouble between Jason and Sarah and he steals Beckys’ phone and sends a series of flirtatious texts to Jason. Sarah bristles when she catches Jason reading his texts and giggling and she demands to know who his texts are from.

Steve clashes with the new bookies when Harry attempts to poach his pub staff and Dan later flirts with Michelle. Meanwhile, Lloyd is still dodging Dan as he can’t afford to cough up the money to pay his debt.

Also, Eileen hopes for a romantic night in with Jerry but she’s frustrated when he tells her that they’re staying in with the kids. Eileen tells him that she thinks they should call it a day.