Liam opens up to Nicole

Liam makes arrangements to hang out with Nicole. They go to pick up his guitar and Liam admits he’s had trouble writing songs since rehab. During the day Liam opens up to her about his fears and insecurities. Liam eventually succeeds in writing a song and he and Nicole kiss. Their relationship is clearly progressing.

Tony is reeling from Rachel’s request to go back to work. The next day Rachel suggests as a compromise she only work two days a week, but Tony is still not keen. Martha encourages Tony to compromise with Rachel. But then Rachel comes out and tells Tony she’s decided to go back to work straight away.

Geoff and Aden are having a dispute over whether to hire an extra hand for the trawler. They end up having a competition by lifting weights. It ends in a tie and the boys agree to try things the way it is for another week, then hire someone.

Gina is surprised to find Palmer is due to speak at school. She is initially hostile but he disarms her with an unexpected sense of humour and his similarly no-nonsense view on life. He and Gina wind up going for a walk together and get along very well.