Liam pushes Bianca too far!

Bianca is livid when the school call her to say that Liam hasn’t turned up. Despite a thorough search, Liam is nowhere to be found. Carol advises Bianca to talk things through with Liam when he gets home. Despite Bianca’s softly softly approach, they have a huge row. When Liam gets nasty she flies at him, pinning him against the wall, as a stunned Carol and Kat walk in.

Carol is left in charge at the cafe when Lucy has an appointment. After a cosy chat with Masood, he steps in to help her out when she struggles with the cooking. Lucy returns to find they’ve come up with a delicious curry and is sure it will be a big hit. Carol is grateful for Masood’s help, while Masood is given new hope for the future, distracting him from Zainab’s departure.

Patrick is put out when Kim asks Joey to fix a rail at the B&B, insisting he could have fixed it. When Kim tells him to take things easy he insists that he’s not ready for the knacker’s yard just yet. When Joey leaves the job unfinished, Patrick decides to finish fixing the rail. Kim’s horrified when Patrick has a nasty fall from the ladder.