Liam writes a song about Nicole, but Nicole jokingly says it won’t be a real song until she hears it sung publicly. Martha is making final preparations in the Surf Club for her debate with John Palmer, and Liam offers to do a sound check for her. When Nicole arrives, Liam announces that he’s going to check the sound system by singing a song. He subsequently serenades Nicole with her song. And she is far from displeased by the gesture.

Aden admits hating seeing Nicole with Liam every second place he goes. Aden’s worried that he messed up Belle and might do the same to Nicole. Geoff, watching the Aden and Nicole interplay, suddenly gets a hint that Aden might be jealous and it disturbs him. When he tells Aden about Liam serenading Nicole, Aden’s clearly furious.
Later, Geoff suggests that maybe Aden has feelings for Nicole. Aden goes ballistic but Geoff’s convinced that Aden cares about Nicole.

Robertson shows up at school and questions Xavier more about Charlie’s alibi, and rattles him considerably. Xavier tells Hugo, who goes to talk to Robertson. He persuades Hugo to lean on Xavier to come clean, and Xavier eventually does, admitting he doesn’t know where Charlie or Ruby were on that night.

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