Liam struggles to resist Carla

Liam turns up for work at the factory but realises that he needs to register the baby’s death. Carla offers to go with him, but he turns her down and her attempt at flirty banter falls flat. Liam returns home and he and Maria open up about their feelings, but they’re interrupted by Carla, clutching a bottle of wine. An angry Liam slams the door in her face and blurts out the truth to Maria that he once had feelings for Carla. Maria is stunned.

Fiz worries that that a morose Kirk is upset about Maria and the baby and she brings food home to encourage him to eat. Fiz walks in to discover that Julie is already cooking for him and she is even more peeved when they give the food she’s brought home to Schmeichel.

Audrey is taken aback when Gail admits that Ted is coming over to see her. Ted’s arrival is interrupted by an upset Tina, who announces that she is moving in after a bust-up with her mum. Ted takes in the goings on and reveals a surprise of his own – his ‘partner’ who died was his boyfriend!

Also, Audrey takes on temp stylist Natasha to cover for Maria’s compassionate leave.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria asks Liam if they have a future together but Liam says he doesn’t know and Maria decides to move out. Liam desperately tries to persuade Maria that they are not splitting up but when Carla turns up Maria announces that their marriage is over. Carla hides her delight. Maria goes over to Fiz’s and sobs on her shoulder.

Later, Liam turns up at Carla’s flat and has a go at her, blaming her for ruining his marriage. Carla refuses to take the blame and challenges him to deny that he has the hots for her. Liam turns to storm out, but Maria calls him on the mobile. Liam is torn, but he can’t resist his feelings for Carla and they share a passionate kiss…

Gail can’t get her head round the fact that her father is gay and clumsily asks him whether he was experimenting with Audrey when they conceived her. Audrey later meets up with Gail and Ted and flirtily asks Ted if he wants to go for a drink. Audrey is stunned when Gail reveals he’s gay!

Also, Becky and Jason have their first row when Jason refuses to go clubbing; Leanne gets a job behind the bar at the Rovers.