Liam teams up with Romeo

Liam is looking for properties in Summer Bay. He gets a hostile reception from Leah and Rachel, neither glad to have him back in town. Liam goes to see Aden to let him know he’s moving into town but Aden doesn’t really care.

Liam can’t find a property he likes and has second thoughts about moving to Summer Bay, eventually he does find a property he likes and runs into Romeo, who is still having trouble finding work. Romeo tells Liam he is staying in town. Liam agrees to buy the property and then hires Romeo to work for him.

Leah is outraged about Charlie’s suspension. Robertson introduces himself to Leah and despite her anger over Charlie she finds herself charmed by him. This is increased when Robertson hits it off with VJ. Robertson wants to interview to Ross.

To everyone’s surprise, Robertson seems more interesting in talking about Ross’ past. Robertson is convinced Angelo is hiding something. Robertson interviews Leah, who can’t vouch for Charlie being home the night of the murder.

Hugo is annoyed that Palmer is trying to exploit the death of Grant for political gain. Rachel is having trouble with Harry and eventually admits it to Tony who is pleased that she needs him.