Liam tells Ruby the partnership’s over

Ruby is mortified after kissing Liam and can’t bear to see him. Liam tells Bianca about the kiss and she’s furious. He shouldn’t have continued to see Ruby when he knew she fancied him. Liam tells Ruby they can’t see each other anymore – not even to play music together. Ruby is gutted. Later, Bianca tells Ruby to get over Liam. If she doesn’t, she’ll destroy his life.

Sid thinks Penn is playing games with Nicole. He tells Marilyn that Penn admitted to lying to Nicole about Sid fancying her. Marilyn tries to call Nicole, but Penn intervenes and tells Marilyn that it’s Sid who’s lying.

Marilyn and Miles have a meeting with Sid. Sid confirms he has no feelings whatsoever for Nicole, and Miles decides it’s time they confront Nicole. She reacts badly to the news, defending Penn and accusing the others of trying to sabotage everything because they don’t like him. But it’s clear she has her own doubts about Penn.

Gina and John are fed up with their full house. Bianca has taken over the bathroom and Gina and John are constantly interrupted. April feels bad and apologies for Bianca’s behaviour. She tells Xavier she’s worried Gina will kick them out but Xavier tells her to relax.

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