Liam turns to calculating Carla

Liam tells a stunned Carla that Maria lost the baby and she is even more shocked when she discovers that Maria kept it from him. A sympathetic Carla offers Liam the comfort that he has been lacking from Maria and Liam steels himself to see Maria to talk about the funeral details and a name for the baby. Maria is gutted when Liam leaves with Carla and she watches jealously as she sees Carla hugging him, convinced that she has pushed Liam into Carla’s arms.

Claire continues to try and convince Ashley that the house swap is a good idea but both he and Kevin are really going to take some convincing. Claire, however, is determined to win this battle with Ashley to try and secure their future.

Gail is determined to get to the bottom of her mum’s meetings with Ted Page and she quizzes Rita about what has been going on between them. Rita refuses to gossip and tells Gail that she should speak to Audrey about it. Gail decides the time has come to take the bull by the horns and she asks Audrey for Ted’s number.

Also, Julie tells Kirk she will try to get to the bottom of what is upsetting Chesney.