Liam is angry with Nicole for blowing him out for Aden. She claims her phone broke, but he’s not interested. Nicole makes breakfast to apologise and discovers he planned to sleep with her last night. Nicole says she’s not ready and Liam grudgingly accepts it. Nicole starts spending more time with Aden.

Geoff is still looking for a job. Ruby tells Nicole she’s desperate to sleep with Geoff, but she isn’t sure he’s ready. Geoff confirms this to Aden, who tells him he’s being an idiot. When Geoff and Ruby get together that night they both confess they’re ready to sleep together, but then Irene comes home. Angelo arrives to tell her that the charges against Donna de Bono have been dropped and she has been released.

Miles tells Leah that Riley denies the assault. Charlie chastises Miles about speaking to Riley, and takes him to the station, where Riley’s dad Ian accuses Miles of fracturing his son’s wrist. Charlie questions Riley and just as he’s about to confess, Ian arrives. Without any evidence to the contrary, Charlie has to charge Miles with assault. And to top it off, Miles is hit with the news that he’s lost his job.

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