Tom gets a knock back from the bank when he asks for a loan, but he makes out that everything is fine to Liam. Tom knows that they need the extra money fast if they don’t want to miss out on the deal and he realises that Carla is now their only option. Carla knows it too and when Tom approaches her she pushes for a 25 per cent stake in the business and insists on telling Liam personally. Liam is stunned as he and a sheepish Tom celebrate the deal when Carla tells him that she is now their business partner

Mel celebrates her first day as a fully-fledged copper, but she can’t help brooding about what happened to Abi. Meanwhile, Jerry acknowledges that Teresa is sorry for poisoning him, but he won’t back down and he tells a miserable Teresa to stay away from the kids.

John finds out that his much-loved grandmother has died suddenly and he is in shock. As he makes arrangements for the funeral he gives Fiz the brush off when she approaches for a chat. Fiz is puzzled by his reaction and is starting to feel lonelier than ever.

Also, Sean is heartbroken following his split from Marcus, but gets little sympathy.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam is furious with Tom for making Carla a partner in their new business venture without consulting him first. Carla plays it cool as Liam insists he wants her out of the deal and is going to repay her. But as he studies the figures he realises they’ll lose the contract without her money and he realises he’s trapped.

Maria plans a romantic evening at home for Liam, but he arrives back late and in a foul mood and tells her he was stuck at a difficult business meeting. A brooding Liam heads over to Carla’s to talk things through. When Carla goads him and tells him that he’s scared he won’t be able to keep his hands off her Liam furiously denies it, but she’s obviously touched a raw nerve.

Fiz finds out about John’s gran dying and, knowing how close they were, she worries about how he’s coping. Fiz’s feelings for John are starting to get the better of her and she feigns a headache at work, planning to throw a sickie so she can go with him to the funeral.

Also, Dev decides to finish with Nina; Mel is relieved when she discovers that Abi’s operation went well.