Xavier is still unhappy about Gina dating John. He’s supposed to have dinner with them, but April saves him by inviting him to meet her sister, Bianca. Xavier is nervous when they sit down to eat, and Bianca doesn’t make it easy for him. Then she sees Liam and Ruby and invites herself over to join them. April is annoyed that Bianca is more interested in flirting with Liam than getting to know Xavier.

Marilyn defends her decision to still go out with Sid, despite his indiscretions. When Sid is uncomfortable on their date, Marilyn confides in him about her illness. She thought it would scare him off, but on the contrary, he’s happy she told him. When Veronica shows up, Marilyn handles her deftly, and sends her on her way. The next morning, Alf is shocked to see Sid coming out of Marilyn’s room.

Ruby is finding it hard being around Liam. While they are working on a song at The Diner, Bianca arrives, and she, April and Xavier join them for dinner. Bianca and Liam continue to flirt. Xavier comes to see Ruby the next morning. He knows she’s upset by Liam and Bianca, but she tries to prove she’s not hung up on Liam by kissing Xavier.

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