Liam and Maria have arrived at their romantic getaway and they take Ozzy for a country walk. Ozzy runs off and the couple desperately search for him as it starts to get cold and dark. Just as they are about to give up, Liam hears the dog barking and he finds poor Ozzy stuck on a ledge in a deep gorge. Liam climbs down the rocks to try and reach him, but he slips and Maria is horrified as Liam falls…

Fiz sees John’s car in the street and she blanks him when he tries to talk to her. John later turns up at the flat and insists that he loves her and wants to put things right. Fiz wells up at his declarations of love and she agrees to go to Roy’s Rolls with him to talk.

Michelle is a bundle of nerves about the DNA test and Ryan realises that something is up and he starts asking awkward questions. Steve urges Michelle to tell Ryan the truth, but Michelle insists that she can’t tell her son that she may not be his mum.

Also, Jason is short with a miffed Becky when she tries to cheer him up.