Libby and Bridget are found – but where’s Zeke?

A rescue operation is underway to search for Libby, Zeke and Bridget after one of the boats capsized on the rafting trip. Everyone’s devastated, and Declan cops the brunt of Miranda’s fury when she accuses him of not looking after Bridget. Karl and Susan helplessly stand by while the rescue party searches for Libby and Zeke, and Dan and Declan go out to help locate their loved ones.

Declan finds Bridget making her way to safety and Dan finds Libby, clinging to life, but alive! Will the search party have time to find Zeke before the light fades and the rain sets in?

Steph takes a chance on love again and accepts an invitation for a raunchy afternoon spent in a hotel room with Greg. When she starts to feel cheap after their rendezvous, Greg comforts her and assures her of his intentions: it wasn’t just a romp in the hay for him either. Steph is feeling on top of the world, until a call from Susan causes her to come crashing down to earth with a bang. But she’s in for an even bigger shock when she reaches the hospital and finds out Greg is married, to one of the doctors treating Bridget and Libby.

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