Libby and Dan clash over Ben

Dan and Ben are back from holiday and Ben seems to have an agenda, divide and conquer! Resentful of Dan’s blossoming relationship with his mum, he begins to manipulate Libby to get what he wants. Libby questions her relationship with her son when Dan points out that Ben manipulates her to get what he wants.

When Libby adopts a no-nonsense approach to Ben, her determination not to be fooled leads her to miss warning signs of an illness. When Ben collapses with a fever, it is Dan who brings him to the hospital, causing Libby to blame herself and to lash out at Dan. But just when Libby and Dan reconcile, Ben’s diagnosis takes a turn for the worse.

Rachel, Donna and Bridget retreat for a girl’s night in, without their boyfriends to distract them. But they find themselves doing nothing but talk about their boys and Donna confesses she is confused about her relationship with Ringo! Finally the girls help Donna to discover that she needs to admit her feelings to Ringo before it’s too late. Determined to get her man, Donna runs out of the house, mask and all, to track down Ringo and tell him how she really feels about him.

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