The rivalry between Libby and Dan intensifies as they compete for the same job at school. When Dan is distracted by an upcoming football match, Libby ends up much better prepared for the interview. But she is distracted by Zeke, whose self-confidence has hit rock bottom, causing his studies to suffer.

Zeke’s academic crisis means Libby has to rush to her interview, leaving all her preparation notes behind. Later, she is disappointed when Dan ends up getting the job. Feeling guilty, Zeke tells Dan that Libby was helping him with an assignment rather than preparing for her interview. With that in mind, Dan tells Libby he is turning down the job in her favour and tells her he loves her.

Lucas continues to deliberately undermine Dan’s authority with the Dingoes football team. But the team aren’t impressed with his plans to cheat and Ty informs Dan what’s been going on. Dan manages to take control of the team and they win anyway without using Lucas’ underhand tactics.

Also, Karl fears that even if he is cleared over Nicola’s allegations, the mud will stick and he can kiss his career goodbye.