Libby and Darren consider their future

Janae trumps Kirsten by telling Ned that she kissed Darren. Meanwhile, newly bonded Darren and Libby plan their return to Shepparton. But despite Ned’s promise not to tell Libby what happened between him and Janae, Darren wonders whether he will be able to hold on to his newfound happiness.

Although Ned is angry with Janae for kissing Darren, he soon lays into Kirsten for her manipulative behaviour. Ned takes his anger out on Mickey, who runs away from the Timmins’ house to be with his mum.

Frazer, Susan and Karl worry about how Ringo and Zeke are coping with the post-dance party trauma and are relieved when the boys seem to find solace in sharing their pain with each other. Meanwhile, a worried Karl admits to Susan he thinks Zeke believes he was prepared to sacrifice him for Libby in the warehouse disaster.

Riley hides his concern for Elle after keeping an overnight vigil at her bedside in the hospital. Elsewhere, Brad demands that they make a case for why he shouldn’t fire them for defying him.

Also, Rachel seeks comfort in Angus, who offers her support as their illicit romance continues.

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